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Graphic by Jaime Mere

Being unapologetically “that bitch”

Over Thanksgiving, my dad’s side of the family sat down around the cottage dining room table and we got into a couple of heated conversations (actually, it was mainly my dad and I arguing about politics – which is always fun). But from this conversation, we somehow got to the topic of why a woman who is strong-willed is often […]

by Jade Hosick· · Opinion ·

Bilingualism Matters research centre opens at Laurier as the first of the network in Canada

Laurier has announced that they will be joining a network of many other institutions by launching a Bilingualism Matters research and service centre, located in the newly renovated Frank C. Peters building. Bilingualism Matters currently exists at 26 universities in 14 countries, with Laurier becoming the first Canadian partner in the network that has been around since 2008 that specializes […]

by Hayley McGoldrick· · Campus, News ·
When common figures of speech become inappropriate

When common figures of speech become inappropriate

Looking for the right words to express your frustration at your third midterm this week? Stressed about the latest essay proposal and don’t know how to properly complain? We all do it, after all! Remember not to use mental illnesses you don’t have in efforts to explain how you’re feeling. This midterm season, be mindful of your word choices. You […]

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