1. Please show some respect for Tim Heidecker he recenty lost his son Tom Cruise Heidecker Jr and doesn’t have the time for negative energy such as that displayed in this article.

  2. Tim Heidecker is in a bad place emotionally and doesn’t need hatchet job MSM articles like this stoking the flames of his rage-a-holism

  3. I would have gone if it was Neil Hamburger and “Gregg Turkington’s 35 years of Bond movies – The Long Version” because that was the most inspiring montage in twenty Oscar seasons. Also I was the EIC of this newspaper in 1997-1998.

  4. Sounds like you were looking for a Dekkar show

  5. You don’t get the humor and you try to comment on it? Ya blew it!

  6. Goofy comments aside, I think it’s a little unreasonable to go to a show that you have no context for and blast it for allegedly being a disappointment. I mean, I suppose the comedy provided at the show was for a niche market, but that doesn’t make for a good excuse. This entire article could be replaced with the sentence “It just wasn’t to my taste” and it would have been way more satisfactory. It seems like you were ready to be disappointed from the moment you walked in.

  7. Waterlu had the luck and good fortune to have two oddball comedian legends show up and you sent this guy to review the show? His only other article is a review of soup… Here’s an idear: don’t send a soup reviewer to a comedy show. That one’s a freebie.

  8. Hahahaha oh boy, the joke really was on you bud.

  9. *whoosh*

    This is just embarrassing

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