Editorial: Decisions, decisions


In a world full of contradicting ideas, it is hard to clearly identify what you believe in and what is best for yourself. Whether it be personal ideas or the style to try and keep up with, as it is difficult to always differ if you’re aiming to please yourself or others.

I find I’m constantly going through my own identity crisis. It is probably once every semester I question if the current degree I’m in is right for me. Does this interest me? How is this degree going to make me at least six figures in five years’ time? Was university the right path for me to take?

I’m a third-year communication studies student and still trying to piece together if university was the right choice for me and the right path to take my life. As maybe I was rushed into it because that was what all my friends were doing in high school.

After thoughts like that I remember that when I’m not stressed with university, I’m usually having a good time, as I aim to do things on a scale that will attempt to make me happy in simplest terms.

With the upcoming election, it is also difficult when looking at different parties’ platforms and comparing what they promise and how that reflects my interests, since this decision could be great for our country as a whole or it could have little effect on what is best for me in the long run.

Along with election decisions, I contemplate with everyday decisions on what will benefit me. Yet I hate thinking what is best for me might affect others as well: I try to be a people pleaser, and like to please people as I hate being disliked. So, decisions influenced by others may not always be the best decisions for me.

Decision making can be tough, especially decisions that are big and important. Sometimes it is easier for me to just put things off and wait until I have the maximum information about something.

The things is, it is time to trust my intuition more along with informational reasoning in how something is going to be good for me. Flipping a coin is not fitting in most cases to allow me to excel in whichever way necessary.

I have slightly tried to put myself first in decision making that affects me first hand. That is what my parents have taught as they believe you should always do what is best for and what will make yourself proud.

There are going to be times in your life were things are hard to accept and you are going to have to go out on a whim on what is the best for you or not. I think by now we all know life isn’t perfect and there are bigger issues to worry about, but we must remember the balance of putting each other and ourselves first when it comes to decision making.

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