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84th Oscar Awards, revisited

It was a rocky road to Oscar night this year. There was a change in the voting rules for the best picture category. There was a sudden swap in producer and host mere months before the ceremony was about to take place. A few days before Hollywood’s biggest night, there was question as to whether Sacha Baron Cohen would even […]

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Batman is to Laurier as Joker is to … ?

Poison Ivy – Guelph Given the strong female-to-male ratio on the campus, it makes more sense to assign the University of Guelph a villain such as Ivy. She also works as a parallel to the campus’ very strong and renowned agricultural department, something very few other schools (especially Laurier) understand. Like Guelph, this seductress is aesthetically pleasing and quite frequently […]

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Pro sports teams and the death of design

Last Friday, the Toronto Blue Jays unveiled their new look to the world, a look that many fans were already familiar with. They have decided to put the “blue” back into the organization. And while the general reacton to the announcement seems to be a positive one, the new old-look Jays seem to be a rarity when it comes to […]

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