Alanna Fairey

Alanna Fairey

3rd year English, 3rd year with The Cord. Since her first week with The Cord when she was assigned to the life section, Alanna knew that she was meant to be the Life Editor one day. Though confident as a writer, Alanna knew that she was not yet ready to make that jump to an editor position and worked as the Local/National Lead Reporter. Thankful for the experiences she gained, Alanna focused on her desire to be an editor and had her platform for life done by the beginning of January. Now her dream has come true and she couldn’t be any happier. Alanna also drinks too much coffee and is obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Articles by Alanna Fairey

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The Age of Online Activism

Features Editor Alanna Fairey investigates how effective social media is in the realm of activism

by Alanna Fairey· · Features, Slider ·
Using fashion for a cause

Using fashion for a cause

Event offered opportunity to give back and have fun

by Alanna Fairey· · Arts ·

Editorial: Who’s Skin Are You In

Every year, millions of animals are slaughtered in the name of fashion.

by Alanna Fairey· · Opinion ·
Photo by Jessica Dik

WLU Press saved by integration into Library

Press will avoid IPRM recommendation of phase out

by Alanna Fairey· · Campus ·
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Kelly Clarkson’s dilemma

British journalist Katie Hopkins’ recent body shaming comments about singer Kelly Clarkson have proved we still have not made the progression towards being a body-positive society. After Clarkson made an appearance on a talk show, Hopkins took to twitter to poke fun at Clarkson’s weight, questioning if she ate her back up dancers and referring to her as a “chubster.” […]

by Alanna Fairey· · Opinion ·
Photo by Will Huang

Crazy Beard beer

Waterloo resident Bobby Besant may only be 23, but he has already helped to launch his own business, appeared on Dragon’s Den and crafted his own beer, which is slowly making its way to the shelves of the LCBO.

by Alanna Fairey· · Life ·

A Timeline of Presidents

Features Editor Alanna Fairey chronicled the journeys and experiences of five former Students’ Union presidents

by Alanna Fairey· · Features ·

Presidential Doppelgangers

Features Editor Alanna Fairey compares Students’ Union presidential candidates to their political alter egos

by Alanna Fairey· · Campus, Elections, Features ·

Victim blaming is still an issue

The fact that I am even writing an article in an attempt to defend the integrity of victims of sexual and physical violence is a troubling reality in and of itself.

by Alanna Fairey· · Opinion ·
Is sex worth the risk?

Is sex worth the risk?

Features Editor Alanna Fairey investigates why sexually active students do not use protection and what the implications are

by Alanna Fairey· · Features, Slider ·