Wisdom disconnect: March 10, 2010


Was Darwin wrong?: There is a creationist museum in Kentucky founded on the belief that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. According to exhibits in the museum, dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden, were on Noah’s Ark and refrained from eating other animals (they were vegans) until Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge.

In the name of soccer ball, the hockey puck: Evolutionary psychologist Nigel Barber, PhD suggests that sport might be a suitable substitute for religion. Some common features in sport and religion include dedication, ritual, sacrifice, spirit and celebration.

But can he dunk?: In 2000, Pope John Paul II became an honorary Harlem Globetrotter. He was presented with a signed basketball and his own jersey, #75, representing the Globetrotters 75th anniversary.

May the force be with you: Jedi is an official religion. Followers of Jedi believe in a single universal force that connects all things and that morality is innate. There are an estimated 70,000 Jedi followers in Australia.

How about “no”?: The Church of Euthanasia hopes to restore the balance between humans and other species. This political organization encourages suicide, abortion and sex without the intention of procreation. Their slogans include “save the planet, kill yourself” and “eat a queer fetus for Jesus.” They are extremely, yet intentionally, confrontational.

Shut up and eat your pasta: The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster contends that there is a god made of noodles and meatballs. Some claim that this religion is “fake” and intended to point out the silliness of other religions. This is a mistake. According to their website, “Anything that comes across as humor or satire is purely coincidental.” They get a lot of hate mail.

A wise man once said
“And then God created Saturn … and he liked it so he put a ring on it.” –Unknown

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