New classes available for summer term


Students will begin to see new courses being offered over the summer months available for registration on the Laurier On-line Registration and Information System (LORIS).

“The number is growing; [courses] will come in ones and twos … between now and the start of the term,” said assistant vice-president of academics Tom Buckley.

“There’s not going to be a day that 30 courses show up … they will show up as they are approved by the dean and provided to the registrar’s office.”

New classes have recently been posted in the science department, particularly in math, and a few have been added in arts programs such as English and history.

The music department is also looking to add a few more courses that are not performance-based and can therefore be open to students outside the music department.

Vice-president of academics Deb MacLatchy explained why new courses are slowly and continuously being made available.

“It is at the mercy of the departments, so it’s as they get their planning in order and they talk to the dean and get them posted … they’ll just continue to come online as the departments make the decisions about what they want to do.”

Laurier registrar Ray Darling explained that there are now more classes available this year than were offered for students last summer and many are senior-level courses, as they are trying to cater to more Laurier students.

While the early list of courses that were to be offered lead to many student concerns surrounding a lack of variety in many programs, especially those in the arts department, administration has responded to these concerns and is looking to add more classes where they are needed and provide the neccessary services for students.

“We are adding more and we hear loud and clear that there is demand. The deans and the academic [vice-president’s] office are very aware of this and we will be working towards doing what we can to increase the number of offerings,” said Buckley.

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