The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED premiering at Kitchener’s THEMUSEUM in November 2021

Photo by Caitlyn Lourenco

The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED tour is premiering in Canada at Kitchener’s own THEMUSEUM, coming this November. According to THEMUSEUM’s website, you can look forward to getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Stones’ own personal collection of memorabilia in this  one to two-hour long interactive, multimedia experience. 

Tickets are available on THEMUSEUM’s website and have been on sale since November 2020 with high demand.  It is a proud moment for Kitchener to host and premiere such a grand-scale event, and it shows just how much preparation is going into making this event as magnificent as it is. 

According to Linda Adams-Hauser, a cultural sales specialist interning at THEMUSEUM, this event “will truly be one-of-a-kind”, and her hope is that people will be able to grasp the magnitude of what this exhibit is offering. 

Guests will be immersed into The Rolling Stones’ colourful world with the contribution of some featured names, some of which include Andy Warhol, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dior, and Martin Scorsese. After journeying through the band’s 50-year history, guests will then be immersed into an unforgettable finale that will leave you “feeling like you just went to a Stones’ concert in the ‘60s” states Adams-Hauser.

The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED started in London back in 2016; however, it was previously named ‘Exhibitionism’. It has since been touring as UNZIPPED to many different countries, offering people all over the globe a chance to see their idols in a new light, whilst bringing that nostalgia from the ’60s and ’70s. It currently resides in the Netherlands at the Groninger Museum.

It’s undeniable that November 2021 is giving Kitchener something big to look forward to, especially after 11 months of missing out on social events. Adams-Hauser couldn’t agree more. “With the way things are going this is going to be one of the first community [events], so I think it’s just  going to be really integral to our community for something of this caliber to be happening downtown Kitchener.”

Whether you’re a fan of The Rolling Stones or just an avid museum-goer, this exhibit will surely have something for you. Having already seen so much success in its travels, the UNZIPPED exhibit is not an event worth missing-especially after missing out on so much in 2020. 

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