The Naughty Prude: November 14, 2012 – Sex bucket list

Dear Naughty Prude,

My boyfriend and I are in our last years at Laurier and we want to make it memorable in a more intimate way. Besides the typical going out shenanigans that we do with our friends and roommates, what’s a good way to make our last year being at university is one to remember?

Since you and your boyfriend are in your last year of university it is definitely understandable why you would want to make it memorable. Maybe you two are going your separate ways after you receive your shiny diplomas, maybe you are spending the summer away from each other-or it’s possible you desire some naughty foolery before you finally graduate. It is a fabulous question and amusingly enough it pertains to my new discovery: a “sex bucket list”.

The term “bucket list” has gained popularity in recent years, even making it into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, defined as “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.” Since you only have a semester and a half left, you best start comprising your list immediately. You and your boyfriend can construct a bucket list that is comfortable for both of you, yet one that deviates what you are accustomed to. The purpose of the sex bucket list is to spice up your relationship in risqué ways. The restrictions of the list are totally dependent on you and your boyfriend’s comfort levels.

Some great examples are:

Have a quickie. Taking the time for romance and foreplay is obviously a must in a relationship – but a quickie can be inventive, spur of the moment and super sexy.

Have a threesome. The threesome taps into the majority of a man or woman’s fantasy. If done correctly and carefully a threesome is a great addition to the bucket list.

Sex in front of a mirror. This is incredibly sexy and intimate.

Use handcuffs. The use of props in the bedroom is an incredible turn on. Your partner will be so aroused watching and experiencing you take the lead.

Role-play. Another great addition, whatever your or your partner’s role-play fantasy is. Get dressed up and give it a go.

Go on a dirty weekend away. Book a weekend and spend some quality time just you and your partner, with no interruptions- no cell phones, TV, Twitter, Facebook.

Wear nothing but heels in bed. This does not merit an explanation of why it is so hot.

Perform a striptease. It does not matter if you are not the best dancer, a striptease is a great form of foreplay

These are just viable options that you and your partner can include on your “sex bucket list.” I hope this helps, and you enjoy comprising your sexy list

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