Living without parents


For the vast majority of students just settling into their university experience, the desire to move out and be on their own is often viewed as an exhilarating and electrifying experience. During this time period, most people are willing to step up their game in terms of responsibility, maturity and accountability, with no help or supervision from their loved ones back at home.

While the opportunity for living alone at school is an exciting chance to escape parental supervision and guidance for some, others have a lot more difficulty settling into such a new, unfamiliar environment. Being away from home for an unusual amount of time really makes you miss the constant support system that you have back at home.

Even as a thirdyear student at WLU living on my own with five other roommates, I continuously get home sick because I miss the constant communication and presence of my friends and family.

Living on your own has a profound effect on most people as independent individuals. You must learn to take care of yourself and take on responsibility roles that most university students never had to conduct before. These include tasks such as doing their own laundry, making meals for themselves, and even making their own beds and cleaning up their rooms. By doing this, students often become much more appreciative of what their parents have to deal with on a daily basis but at the same time, accomplishing everyday tasks on our own provides us with the feeling of accomplishment and freedom.

On a brighter note, everyone knows the benefits to living alone, such as staying out as long as you want and drinking tequila until the wee hours of the morning. No curfews or set rules identified by our parents provide us with the opportunity to experience that sense of freedom that the vast majority of us long for as we continue to grow up. A students university years are essential for growing up and pushing you in the correct direction because its experiences truly come with memories, regrets and lessons learned.

Moving away from the family circle into a house with roommates is an overwhelming, yet remarkable experience because people bond. Friendships develop and continue to grow as the years go on. Ultimately, the forming of such friendships are frequently life lasting, which is what university life is all about.

Everyone remembers their university roommates. They are essential to recreating our routines and goals of what we hope to establish in the future. They are also clear indicators of determining what you expect in a living environment for your future. Believe it or not, the behaviours within a household will be channeled towards what your goals of lifestyle will be pursued for the future.

While living on your own may appear to be a scary or nerve-racking experience, these support systems exist in order to keep each and every one of us sane and in control of our daily lives.

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