The inside scoop on KW’s top ice cream shops

Although the weather isn’t showing it yet, summer is fast approaching, and what better way to prepare for those hot summer days than by making a trip to a local ice cream shop? 

There is a multitude of options for ice cream in Kitchener-Waterloo, so narrowing down the top contenders was no easy task. 

The following article includes three of the best independent shops to get ice cream at in the KW region, but fair warning — reading any further will probably make you want to go out and try these shops for yourself. 

Scoop Du Jour

One of Waterloo’s most popular ice cream spots serves ice cream out of a truck. Yes, you read that right.  

 The food truck is located in close proximity to Chainsaw and serves artisan ice cream that they get from eight different suppliers in the area. 

Most people associate artisan with expensive, but this isn’t the case at Scoop Du Jour. The flavour of the day is served at less than regular price so that customers can try artisan ice cream affordably, something I’m sure their student customers can appreciate.   

The regularly rotating menu is available on their Twitter page, and always offers a variety of options day-to-day, including vegan, lactose-free, and even goat’s milk ice cream. 

Despite working out of a truck, their menu is moderately sized, as they also serve shakes, floats, and ice cream sandwiches. 

So next time you’re heading Uptown, make sure to stop by Scoop Du Jour for a unique ice cream experience. 

Photo by Emily Waitson

Four All Ice Cream 

Four All Ice Cream is an all-natural and locally sourced ice cream vendor for the KW region. 

When they initially launched, they were selling ice cream solely out of their factory location. But their growth within the last few years has meant that their factory is now just a factory, and their ice cream is being stocked and supplied all over the KW region. 

As a licensed dairy facility, Four All Ice Cream is able to make all of their ice creams from scratch as well as create mindful and inclusive flavours including options for plant-based, and non-dairy customers.  

“We always make sure that we can make our flavours as inclusive as possible, I think that’s one of the things that makes us special,” said Ajoa Mintah, founder and chief ice cream maker. 

This summer, Four All Ice Cream is adding another stockist to their already extensive inventory 

“We’re actively looking out for partnerships and opportunities to collaborate with other small businesses in KW,” said Mintah. 

Their summer pop up is launching in downtown Kitchener starting on Canada day weekend until Labour day weekend, just in time for the peak of the summer season. 

Chances are that no matter where you are in KW, there’s a Four All Ice Cream stockist close by and calling your name. 

Ice Cream 2  

 Ice Cream 2 is an independent ice cream shop located in Kitchener with an extensive menu. 

They serve over 40 ice cream flavours, as well as soft serve yogurt, fritters, funnel cakes, milkshakes, deep fried chocolate and more.  

In the ice cream business for almost 20 years, owner Kathy Flanjack said that listening to what the customers want is what sets her business apart.   

“I listen to what the customers say for feedback. If our customers tell us they really like something we’ll bring it in. If they don’t like it, we’ll pull it,” Flanjack said.  

 One of the most popular items that Ice Cream 2 serves is vegan Dole Whip ice cream, something that customers often travel from far and wide to get.  

Providing a place where people can enjoy themselves is a priority for Ice Cream 2.  

“I thought, you know what? I would like a place like that in the community where families can go for a walk, where friends can get together for ice cream instead of a drink,” Flanjack said.   

Overall, Ice Cream 2’s community atmosphere and friendly staff make for a great experience. 

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