The Carnivore’s Conundrum: Tips from the TV

(Graphic by Wade Thompson)
(Graphic by Wade Thompson)

It is obvious that the media has some impact on an individual’s body image. With ads plastered everywhere for weight loss and diet plans, the subject of eating disorders come into play among both men and women.

However, in recent years, there have been excellent TV programs that encourage proper eating and healthy weight loss. X-weighted, Bulging Brides and The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp are some of the shows that promote healthy eating and fitness.

I looked at the TV to plan my meals and looked in to some of the other TV personalities that are helping promote a good body image for this week.

CityLine is a show on CityTV that I rarely watch, probably because I don’t plan enough themed brunches, but occasionally they have something that piques my interest. In one of their early shows of the year they talked about a diet to start off the new year that was essentially a seven-day meal plan.

I’ve tried to set meal plans in the past and they haven’t always gone well but these recipes seemed easy, healthy, fairly cheap and above all, delicious. Although I’m not sure I saw any noticeable difference in weight, I certainly could incorporate more vegetables into my diet as many of the recipes had what I like to call “hidden health”.

An example of one of these recipes is a delicious chili that I made. This chili was made with ground turkey instead of ground beef. With the variety of spices that went into this dish, you could hardly tell it wasn’t beef.

Now, as for exercise there are a plethora of exercise videos out there hosted by TV personalities, Jillian Michaels, from The Biggest Loser. She has put out a workout video that is just a 20-minute a day program.

Give it a try, but if you’re low on confidence, maybe try another approach. Michaels bombards you with “inspiration”, which is really just her calling you a fatty; maybe not the best for people with body image issues.

Although it’s not a good idea to take all of your advice from TV sometimes there are good tips out there. If you want to check out the CityLine diet, you can find it on their website

Sometimes being a couch potato can be beneficial towards your health.

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