The end of a metal era


This past week, Underoath, after over a decade together, kicked off their farewell tour and so the wise words of Nelly Furtado ring true: all good things come to an end.

The announcement of the band parting ways came near the end of 2012, along with dates for a Farewell Tour and two new songs.

The previously unreleased tracks are available on their final album, Anthology 1999-2013, released back in November.

The tour has caused uproar among fans worldwide; there are only nine shows, most of them in eastern states.

Thankfully, Ontario fans were graced with a final Toronto show that occurred at the Sound Academy last Friday, Jan. 18.

Accompanying Underoath on tour are the bands As Cities Burn, Letlive and mewithoutYou. Their set was an absolute treat for all in attendance. Unsurprisingly, the other performers brought impressive acts as well; after all, this is the Underoath Farewell Tour.

A pioneer in the hardcore scene, Underoath has shaped the musical landscape and influenced countless bands in the metal genre.

The band successfully pushed the envelope with each record, while developing a distinct sound that was imitated by many, matched by none and loved by all.

Their live performances have consistently received praise from fans and critics alike, and their farewell shows will be no exception.

Farewell, Underoath. You will be missed!

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