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Can dating apps be effective for long term relationships?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many single people turn to dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge to fill what they feel is a void in their life not having a relationship, because nothing screams loner like not getting flowers and overpriced chocolate on a random February Friday. The question that lingers to many is if these hookup […]

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Ghosting people over text; It’s taking the easy way out

Ghosting people over text; It’s taking the easy way out

When I was a kid, my mom, like most parents, told me to treat people how I would want to be treated; don’t be a bully, don’t poke fun, show respect. This ideology, treating others how you would like to be treated, is a fairly common approach to being a decent human being. So why is it that this ideology […]

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Tinder profile do’s and dont’s

Yell Tinder, because it’s going down. It’s about time there’s a fair tearing-into for both guys and girls on how weak your Tinder game really is. Your profile was cute for university but you have a LinkedIn now, so its time to up your Tinder profile as well. Cars Fellas, I reciprocate how much you enjoy ‘your’ cars—aka random cars […]

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