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Students’ Union Chair steps down; Laurier Students for Pro-Choice present to the board

  The Students’ Union Board of Directors meeting held on Feb. 2, the day after the Students’ Union election results were announced, was particularly eventful. Starting off the meeting was a presentation on reproductive rights lead by Alicia Hall, along with other members of the group “Laurier Students for Pro-Choice.” The presentation addressed the issue of abortion generally, and then […]

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Responding to LifeLink’s demonstration

Responding to LifeLink’s demonstration

Religious activists need to stop caring about sex I’m sure by now that everyone saw or heard about the demonstration in the quad last Thursday. Laurier LifeLink, a Students’ Union club, put little pink and blue flags all over the grass in the quad. Each flag is supposed to represent ten fetuses that were aborted in the past year. If […]

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