Stay stylish in the cold

(Photo by Heather Davidson)
(Photo by Heather Davidson)

Winter is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but I am dreading the cold weather. On the bright side, there are a few fun trends to play around with this winter so let’s welcome the frosty weather with open arms. We all have our fur-trimmed parkas and plain black pea coats, but if you’re looking to stray away from those standard jackets this winter, here are a few suggestions.

Puffer coats have slowly been making their way back onto store racks in the past couple of years but I think it’s safe to say that this trend is now ready to be fully embraced. Now you probably have an unpleasant mental image of your mother rocking one of these back in the day, but fear not as they have been perfected to style! There are a ton of styles out there that won’t have you looking like the Michelin Man.

You can find many of them with elasticized and even belted waists to minimize bulk and give you some shape. They have also been reinvented with fur-trimmed hoods and an array of colors. Another jacket trend you might want to try are oversized coats, which are perfect for layering. Designers love this androgynous style and have graced us with a plethora of different ones to choose from. They vary from wool, leather and even fur; if you’re feeling adventurous, many of them are designed with contrast sleeves.

Many designers out there have mix and matched patterns like plaid and animal prints with fabrics like wool and plush faux Sherpa. Don’t be afraid to make a bold decision and have fun with a brighter jacket this winter!

Winter accessories are essential to keeping warm, but beanies and scarves can become a little mundane. We wear our black beanie one day, and the next day we’ll switch it up and wear our grey one.   If you’re looking to add to your collection of winter hats, get your hands on a pom-pom toque. An added bonus: you can relive the nineties and buy yourself an old-school style one. Statement beanies are also an upcoming trend making their way to local malls and retail stores.

Statements can range from anything quirky or funny to something sassy for those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Although they’re not necessarily practical for the cold weather, matador hats (try thinking of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”) are the perfect accessories to add some style to a dreary winter day.

These wide brimmed hats will give you more of a refined, polished look as opposed to those casual toques. Scarves are also vital winter accessories and one of my favourite kinds is a blanket scarf.  They are oversized and, like any other scarves, you can find an array of patterns and colours.  Not to mention they make for a great throw for those power naps in the library during exams.

Happy shopping! Have a warm and happy holiday everyone!

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