‘Tis the season to be mingling

(Photo by Andreas Patsiaouros)
(Photo by Andreas Patsiaouros)

Many people believe that the holiday season can be quite “depressing” for those without a significant other. Yes, sitting beside a cozy fire is more fun when you’re cuddled next to someone, but being in a relationship during the holidays isn’t necessarily the “best thing ever.” In fact, I have reason to believe that the holidays are much better when you’re single.

No unnecessary spending
I emphasize, the amount of money you save when you are single during the holidays is kind of worth all those cold lonely nights. This goes far beyond actually buying presents for your boo.
Singlehood let’s you save on dates, partying, presents for their families and potential last-minute holiday trips.

No compromising on New Years Eve plans
This one is pretty simple. No relationship, no compromises. Once New Years Eve plans start coming up in discussion there’s often a debate and unnecessary struggle with accommodating everyone’s wishes. Forget your girlfriend’s plans, you also have to worry about her friend’s needs too and picking a place to party can be just as expensive as that $100 Michael Kohrs watch you bought her for Christmas.

No need to be on your ‘best behavior’
Interpret this as you will, but let’s just say that when the holiday season starts up, so do the parties. Want to get completely trashed on eggnog? Do it. Want to make out with someone underneath the mistletoe? Go for it. Want to completely butcher Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You?” All the power to you, my friend.

No awkward family introductions
“Everyone this is Tom. Tom this is everyone.” Not too sure if awkward introductions are worse than the pestering and questioning about your love life; but at least if you’re single you won’t find yourself stuck talking to somebody’s aunt answering the question “what’s your major?”

No gifts, no problem
One of the most difficult parts of being in a relationship during the holidays is finding that “special something” to give to your special someone. I have never been known to turn down a present coming my way, I do however find it quite ridiculous when couples overspend. If you’re single during this holiday season consider it a blessing; it’s just one less transaction on your Visa bill.

So, the lesson learned here my friends is to not cry over your reservation for one. In fact, flying solo during the holidays can be pretty great.

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