Making art in Waterloo

(Photo by Andriana Vinnitchok)
(Photo by Andriana Vinnitchok)

Award-winning Polish tattoo artist Robert Witczuk recently moved to Tora Tattoo in Waterloo and he could not be more excited about the new venture. Witczuk, who has been working professionally for seven years, attended college to become an electrician and then again later to become an art teacher.

While working on his education to become an art teacher Robert found passion in one specific medium: tattooing.  At nineteen Robert got his first tattoo, which is of a tribal dragon on his shoulder. This was the moment that changed Witczuk’s life.“It sparked an interest in this medium as a way to display my art,” Witczuk shared. “At the time, I was in the midst of my Masters in art and I was experimenting with different art forms and kind of fell into it.”

Since then, Witczuk began his work in Poland before moving to Dublin in 2007, where he resided before making the big move to Waterloo. With ten years of experience under his belt, Witczuk’s work certainly did not go unrecognized. In the last two years, Witczuk has won five prominent awards, his most recent in 2012 when he was in Dublin for Best Chest. He received this award just before moving to Waterloo.

“It is close to family,” Witczuk explained when asked about the intentions behind the move to Canada. “I’ve always wanted to check out Canada and considered Waterloo to have a potential for a good start.”

Despite the new change of scenery and people, Witczuk has thus far received a wonderful reception from the residents of Waterloo, as they have been supportive and interested in his work. Witczuk has thanked the residents for being helpful and offering him advice.

Along with an impressive list of awards, Witczuk’s extensive portfolio proves to be just as impressive.Skilled in doing portraits, Witczuk mastered doing tattoos of prominent figures such as Walter White from Breaking Bad, Johnny Depp’s portrayal of ‘The Mad Hatter’ from Alice in Wonderland and the titular character from Dexter, which Witczuk had named as one of his personal favourites.

In terms of whether or not he will move forward with his plans to open a shop in Waterloo, for the time being he plans on adjusting to Canadian living and settling down with his family. However, he does not rule the idea of opening his own shop out entirely, as he now tends to live without a plan.

“I have lived in three totally different countries,” Witczuk said. “I have learned that I will never know what the future will hold.”

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