‘Spook’-tacular costume ideas

(Graphic by Laila Hack)
(Graphic by Laila Hack)

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are anything like me, you haven’t even thought about what to be this year. Well, don’t worry! This article will help to provide you with some creative, homemade and unique costumes that will fit right into your student budget.

The song ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ has turned into a phenomenon and has also become one of the most popular costumes of 2013.

For this costume to work, you will need a brown dress or even a brown shirt with matching pants. You can accessorize your costume with a fluffy tail, which you can make out of cotton balls, spray paint brown and safety pin on.

For the ears, you can also use cotton balls and attach them to a headband. If you’re an artistic person, I would suggest checking out the numerous Youtube tutorials for makeup advice and suggestions. You can find pretty much any type of inspired makeup, just by typing what you’re looking for in the search bar.

Another popular costume idea that was also popular last year continuing onto this year, are the Minions from “Despicable Me.” This is an easy one because it doesn’t require a lot of items. Start out with some jean shorts and a yellow shirt. Then, attach some suspenders, which can most likely be found at Value Village for a reasonable price. You will also need a yellow hat, which can also probably be found at Value Village.

Then comes the creative part. Take two empty rolls of toilet paper and cut them at about the halfway point. These need to be attached with some kind of black band, (even a construction paper one will do) that will wrap around your head. Depending on the type of hat you purchased, tape or staple the black band to the hat and you have your Minion costume!

If you’re looking to be more original, or to stand out from the crowd, I found a costume on Pinterest that seems pretty easy to make and I’ve never seen before.

First, you’ll need to dress in all pink. You will also need an umbrella. A pink one would be ideal, but if you can find a clear one, that would work too! Once you have found that, attach a decent number of pink streamers to the end of the umbrella, which are a couple inches long.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a jellyfish costume! Although you’ll have to carry around an umbrella the entire night, it is a costume that is sure to turn some heads and one that nobody else will have, which is a bonus.

I hope that this article helps a little with your costume selection and have a fun, safe and eventful Halloween!

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