Liq-or-Treat: the drinking games

(Graphic by Joshua Awolade)
(Graphic by Joshua Awolade)

For those who want to enjoy Halloween without having to get elbow-deep in a pillow case while fishing around for candy, there are some more “mature” alternatives. That’s right. We are talking about some classic Halloween-themed drinking games.

Whether you like it or not, drinking games are good icebreakers, especially if you’re at a party filled with strange people dressed up as strange things.

I have compiled a list of some classic Halloween favourites that can be easily played at a pre-drink, party or any other Halloween related shindig.

Trick or Treat

Trick-or-treating isn’t just for kids anymore; it’s now for us university students, too.

Make six labels to put on six red solo cups. In three of the cups, put the cups down and label them as ‘trick’ shots. A ‘trick’ shot should contain something somewhat intense such as tequila, Jägermeister, vodka or gin. Label the remaining three as ‘treat’ shots. These shots should be easier to take down.

Some good ‘treat’ shots could be anything ranging from Sour Puss to Bailey’s or Fireball. Lay them out in a line, each player must roll a dice and must drink whatever number shot they land on.

Feel free to mix up the shots from round to round just so that things don’t get too dull. The real fun is the creepy anticipation of what ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ you’re going to get.

Alcoholic Apple Bobbing

This is a Halloween classic with a bit of a university student twist on it.

If your budget can handle it, fill a large bowl with an alcoholic punch. Sangria is good but jungle juice, which is a mix of alcoholic drinks in a punch bowl, is much more effective.

Next, place apples with numbers from 1-6 carved in the sides into the alcoholic bowl or the cauldron.

The numbers on the apples correlate to the number of shots that the apple bobber must drink once they’ve pulled out their alcohol-soaked apple.

This drinking game can get rambunctious real fast, so feel free to adjust the shot numbers accordingly as the game progresses.

Mummy Wrap

This is for the more audacious and devoted Halloween-goers.

Get your party to divide into pairs or teams. Using a roll of toilet paper, wrap one of the members from head to toe in the toilet paper as speedily as possible.

The fastest person to wrap their mummy wins; the losers must chug a pint of some deathly Halloween concoction.

Zombie! Witch! Ghost!

This is a quick drinking game that really gets people into the Halloween spirit. It consists of three actions and optional sound effects of your choice for three classic Halloween characters.

First is the Zombie. The Zombie action involves having your arms out in front of you while making a growling moan.

Next is the Witch. This action is done by having pointed hands on top of your head while cackling.

Last is the Ghost. This action is waving your arms by your sides and wiggling while “booing.”

Elect a game master who will shout out “one, two, three” and on the count of three you become one of the three characters.

The character with the most amount of people playing the same character loses and has to take a fairly large drink. Repeat frequently for further intoxication.

Fill The Pumpkin

This game works best if everyone is drinking different kinds of drinks, because then the end result is that much worse.

This game doesn’t involve too much preparation but might require a strong liver.

Make sure everyone has a drink in front of them. Next, get a plastic pumpkin (or real one) that doesn’t leak and pour in some beer of any variety.

Spread a standard deck of cards face down all around the pumpkin and assign rules to the cards. This game is essentially “kings” but with a Halloween twist.

Make sure that a decent amount of cards are designated to people pouring their own drinks into the pumpkin so that when someone pulls the card assigned to drinking the cauldron, the look on their face rivals that of seeing a ghost.

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