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(Graphic by Lena Yang)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

There are few things in life that could be better than shopping from the comforts of your bedroom. Not to mention the excitement of receiving and opening that package you just ordered in the mail; the feeling is comparable to the bliss of Christmas morning.

Being a veteran online shopper and a university student living under a tight budget, there are two things that I always avoid: shipping fees and duty taxes. There is nothing more heartbreaking than adding those leather shorts that you’ve been eyeing for eons to your cart, only to discover that shipping costs an extra $20 at checkout, with an additional payment of duty taxes upon arrival. I’ve been there and the experience was nothing less than awful.

So if you want to find unique, stylish items at great prices while avoiding annoying extra costs, and get the best out of your online shopping experience, the following are five online stores that you will not regret checking out.


With new arrivals everyday and a huge selection of clothing, a good hour is needed to discover everything that Romwe has to offer. If you are a lover of tights, this website has the cutest array imaginable. You can also get 15 per cent off towards your first purchase.


Similar to Romwe, Sheinside is updated with new arrivals on a daily basis and offers a wide variety of apparel. On the hunt for the perfect winter jacket at a super affordable price? Definitely check out Sheinside’s ‘Outerwear’ section! If you are a first-time shopper, you can also receive 15 per cent off.


Choies offers clothing for both guys and gals. If you are a die-hard shoe fanatic, you absolutely NEED to visit this site because they offer some amazing replicas of designer duds! After drooling over the shoes, give some attention to Choies’s great clothing selection as well.


The highlights of Oasap are definitely its selection of shoes and accessories. The bags and purses among the accessories are especially worth your time. But don’t forgo taking a look at Oasap’s clothing because you can always find something that you’ll fall in love with.


If you love American Apparel but aren’t a fan of its expensive price tag, Missguided is perfect for you. Sift through its ‘Top”’ section, and you’ll find unique crop tops, bracelets, and bodysuits that completely beat American Apparel. That ‘Sweet Deal’ section will also become your best friend in no time. If this site spurs your interest, visit as soon as possible because free shipping to Canada is a limited time offer.

You’re in for a treat because a minimal purchase amount is not necessary to receive free shipping for any of these websites. However, the only downside is that shipping tends to take a while. Hey, they say patience is a virtue, and from my experience, the wait is totally worth it. Happy shopping everyone but don’t get too naughty with your credit cards!

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