Spitting: you’ve gob to stop!

While walking around campus or around town, there’s one thing you’re almost guaranteed to see on a daily basis: people spitting on the ground. If not, then you’ll be sure to notice piles of saliva that they’ve conveniently left in the middle of the sidewalk. And, as we all know, stepping in someone else’s bodily fluids is always a highlight of our day.

It seems that it’s mostly men that participate in this activity, especially when coming outside from indoors or while in a group with others.

Although there has been a lack of research in this area, some believe that it’s a way for one to mark their territory.

This kind of behaviour can be seen in many species. For example, several studies indicate that dogs urinate to show their dominance; they need others to understand that they are in charge in that area.

With this in mind, it’s reasonable to understand that people might feel the need to cover the pavement outside of Bricker Academic with their spit. They need to show others that they are dominant.

Within groups, it can be assumed that whoever spits the most becomes the leader and therefore has access to the most possible mates. Unfortunately, that pool of dates may diminish if your partner is scared that you will coat them in saliva.

Of course, it is not only men who do this. People of all genders spit outside and for many different reasons. It’s not uncommon to spit during or after heavy exercise, if you smoke or chew tobacco, or if you’re sick.

To all of those that do spit in public areas, regardless of gender or reason: please stop.

It takes 21 days to break a habit. So, for the next 21 days, I challenge you to use the following tips to stop your habit and help make our campus and community a little bit less disgusting.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem, that you do spit. Recognize when you feel the need to, and instead, just don’t. Stay busy in other ways —  maybe chew some gum and then properly dispose of it in the garbage can like a respectable person.

Realize that it will be difficult. Try to find a support system to help you get through this time, perhaps a group of friends who are all trying to stop — maybe start an anti-spitting club on campus to find these friends.

Overall, just please stop spitting on the ground. People around you notice, and trust me, we all think it’s repulsive.

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