Quick workouts and cheap meals

As O-Week comes to a bitter end, the logical side of our brain re-appears, reminding us of the unhealthy lifestyle choices of the last week, “Did I really eat nothing but pizza for four days?” It is hard for us to get into a routine of healthy eating with all the temptations of bad food circulating around us.

The overwhelming number of greasy carbs we consume has snapped us back into reality. There is then a newfound inspiration to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at university.

It is important to be realistic when budgeting time; whether it’s cooking or heading over to the Athletic Complex to work out.

Arranging your schedule to spend two hours at the gym to balance out the three doughnuts you had for breakfast probably won’t happen and it’s not realistic at all.

Updating your agenda consistently, can help keep you organized so you have more time to fit in other important things such as studying or catching up on your favourite reality TV shows.

One of the ways you can help get yourself back on track is fitting in a thirty-minute cardio routine. With an iPod, towel and water bottle  in hand, start on the treadmill andwith a two-minute warm up, getting yourself to a fast-paced walk.

Pick up the pace and get into a light jog for one minute, then increase your speed for another one minute to a fast sprint, followed by one minute of walking. Repeat until the half hour is up, completing with a nice five-minute cool down.

If that workout becomes repetitive or is too easy, you can incorporate two-minute intervals to present a challenge. Tip: if you’re not sweating, then it’s not challenging.

There is no doubt that your stomach will be grumbling after completing a nice, hard thirty-minute cardio routine.

Cooking can be fun but also seem like a chore as it not only eats away at your time, but also your wallet.

However this simple spinach and cheese quiche recipe is easy to make, the ingredients are cheap, and delicious.


4 eggs

1 pie crust

½ cup cheese

½ cup spinach

1 red pepper

To make:

Crack four eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add ½ cup shredded cheese, chopped pepper, and ½ cup spinach after chopping it into small pieces. Pour ingredients into pie crust, then bake in a pre-heated 350 degrees oven for 30-40 minutes.

The total calories for one serving: 309.

Approximate total cost of ingredients:  $9.85

A meal like this is essential because it takes less than an hour to make, does not require a lot of prep or ingredients to get confused with yet is hearty enough to fill you up and restore energy after a thirty-minute work out.

Finding time to schedule in thirty-minute cardios with a healthy meal after ensures a better and more balanced day, giving you the proper nutrients your body needs in order to be alert for class.

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