Killabits shut down Titanium


The Killabits are an electro-house twosome from Toronto, ON, who have been a fixture on the local music scene for some time and have recently grown to expand their fan-base throughout Canada and the U.S. with their extensive international tour schedules.

Killabits members Sam KBz and Biz Davis spent the early stage of their career playing weekly shows with fellow Toronto natives Zeds Dead at Toronto’s Wrong Bar, developing a serious fan base and greatly contributing to the spread of the dubstep epidemic that has taken the music industry by storm.

The Killabits recently wrapped up a North American tour and caught up with The Cord before their set at Titanium in Uptown Waterloo on Tuesday night.

“Sam and I have been making music for almost ten years now. We met through some mutual friends and we were both into dance music and the hip-hop scene. Once we got to know each other we realized we liked the same kind of influences and had the same kind of preferences for how we put our tracks together. It’s been a couple years and we’re still doing it,” Davis told The Cord of the partnership.

When asked about the close relationship with Zeds Dead, Sam KBz replied, “In the beginning we were playing a lot of shows with them, but in the last little while we’ve been on a tour with Figure so we haven’t had a lot of dates with them. We’ve done a couple shows recently with them at home which has been great, and we do occasionally in the U.S. end up having a couple dates with them.”

Figure (Josh Gard), a truly impressive DJ, beatmaker, turntablist and all around expert on all things bass, received great praise from tour mates The Killabits.

“He’s a great dude, probably one of my favourite people I’ve ever met in this industry. He has a lot of energy and is incredible to watch DJ. I feel we really stepped up and learned a lot from him on the production end of things, it’s really changed the direction we’ve been going in the last little while we’ve been working with him.”

The duo has spent the majority of the last year touring Canada and the United States but are far from exhausting their passion for performance and creation. “We’re just kicking off our winter tour of Canada and the States. On the last tour we went coast to coast and the best places we’ve played in the last year have been New York City, Montreal, Denver and Chicago, which was crazy,” said Kbz.

“It’s not always the biggest cities, sometimes it’s the smaller crowd. We played Ferny, B.C. to 100 people and they were the craziest 100 people I’ve ever seen in my life,” he continued.

The Killabits have been known for their skilled and precise live performances and heavy dubstep sound showcased on stand out tracks such as “Bassmentality” with Zeds Dead.

At their Titanium show Tuesday night, the crowd was hypnotized by the duo’s heavy sound.

Unfortunately, the show was shut down by Waterloo Bylaw Enforcement during the very last song of The Killabits’ set due to noise complaints.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated since its original publication.

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