How to take the perfect Instagram

If you have a smartphone, then there is no doubt that you either have Instagram or have been asked by all your other friends whether or not you have Instagram. With the filters Instagram has to offer, it is the perfect way to make photos we take on our cell phones look more creative and artsy. Anything from a leaf, to a glass of water, to those multiple glamour shots of your pets –Instagram can make your photos look authentic.

However with so many people now jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, you must distinguish yourself from all your followers. Which ones will get the likes? Nashville or Earlybird filter? Well my friends, as an experienced Instagrammer (username: cbasch) I am letting you into the secrets and tips to the true art of Instagramming. As long as you have these types of photos on your feed, you will be a pro in no time.

Text conversations

Make sure to use the Waterdrop to highlight the part that you think is the funniest. Tag your BFF and let your followers see the hilarious convo you two are having!


Ready for my night… in bed! Let your followers see how you dress up for your special nights. Recommended filter: Nashville.

Plants and/or Nature

Backyard gardening. I haven’t watered this one in a while, but the High-Fi filter makes the dead stems pop out.


Lastly, if every other picture isn’t of your pet, you’re clearly doing something wrong. There are so many angles and filters combined to show every one just how “adorable” your pet is. Even if it’s the 100th Instagram photo on your album. Pets with props are a bonus.

Awww, Mr. Snuffles and Boo Boo are up to no good again!

So there you have it. Use these examples for when you’re thinking of taking your next Instagram. Don’t forget to hook it up to your facebook and twitter accounts (especially when you’re instagramming your food and pet pics).

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