From runway to Concourse


September is one of the best months of the year, despite having to return to classes after a four-month hiatus.  Between Fashion Week, Fashion’s Night Out and the release of big September issues for every style magazine, this is a great month for gathering some of your favourite trends.

However, as fashion continues to evolve and designers continue to push their limits, it’s hard to imagine ever wearing their looks without looking like Lady Gaga. Luckily, taking inspiration from the runway is easy when you focus on the trend itself and take away pieces instead of the full outfit.

Trend #1: Oxblood

One of the grossest-sounding colours is now the hottest shade for fall and what better way to wear it than as a warm jacket to brace yourself against that Waterloo wind?

How to get the look:

Take a crochet shirt and pair it with an faux-fur collared jacket, in oxblood colour. Pair it with black leggings, thigh-high boots and a mesh top.

Trend #2: Geometric Prints

Another big thing right now is to mix and match your prints from top to bottom, in complementary colours, as seen in Miu Miu’ Fall 2012. Since that can get a little hectic, try taking one print and a subtle texture instead. You get a similar effect and you don’t even need the crazy eye shadow.

How to get the look:

Take a shirt with a lace pattern and pair it with a cropped trouser with a geometric print on it. Top it off with a circle scarf and flats and a coloured tote bag.

Anything you see in these sets are easily attainable at our local fast fashion stores (H&M, Dynamite, Spring, Aldo)+ and acceptable to grace our Laurier hallways. Stay tuned for more updates.

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