First years rock out on campus

The annual Orientation Week (O-Week) tradition, On Campus Celebration 2012 brought a slew of Canadian musical talent to campus.

Taking advantage of the various available performance venues on campus, this year’s party provided something for fans of all popular music genres.

Unlike last year, the entire event took place in a single area of campus.

“We used the TA, the Quad, the Turret and Wilf’s,” said Orientation Team operations executive, Chandler Joliffe. “Whereas last year we used the Quad, Turret, Wilf’s and the AC, so the two separate venues made it a little bit more chaotic.”

Spinning in the Quad were System 21 and Dijon, who provided first year party-goers with face-melting EDM hits all night long.

Playing the Turret on an almost weekly basis, these Laurier student DJs continue to gain a substantial following due to their uncanny ability to provide their peers with the bass-heavy music they crave.

The headliner, Toronto’s Down With Webster, played to a packed house at the Theatre Auditorium.

First-year history major Hannah Weir was fortunate enough to beat the line up, which began over an hour-and-a-half prior to event, and had a prime view of the show.

“They were high-energy, they had just as much fun as we did. It was a party onstage,” she said. “They kept everything really interactive with the audience, so it made it a lot of fun. It was just a really good time.”

The opening line-up for Down with Webster was quite diverse, including pop-rock singer Shawn Hook, the eclectic Tupperware Remix Party, and rappers Son Real and Rich Kidd, all of whom pumped up the audience for Down with Webster’s energetic show.

Rocking out at the Turret were Gentlemen Husbands, Young Empires and Monster Truck. While Down with Webster may have monopolized much of the audience, Monster Truck, often compared to the Black Keys, reflected upon their Laurier performance in a tongue-and-cheek tweet.

“Thanks to the people that skipped Down With Webster to see us tonight. Biggest “cozy” show ever. To the rest of you: I hope you hate school.”

Wilf’s played host to a live Karaoke band giving first year students the chance to entertain their peers; for better or for worse.

From 9 p.m. until after 1 a.m., the Laurier campus was alive with music.

With paramedics, ice breakers, committee volunteers and the emergency response team patrolling the event, there were significantly fewer alcohol-related incidents than last year.

“At the end of the day it’s a dry event,” said Joliffe. “So it’s really up to the first years and what level of maturity and respect that they choose to take, but they acted phenomenally.”

Despite long line ups, most first years enjoyed the event, getting a chance to see the fun side of Laurier life, and getting an opportunity them to break the ice and make new friends.

“It was good way to meet people, like just standing in the lines and waiting, you met so many people just from that,” finished Weir.

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