Classic love songs that still hold up

Photo of records.
Photo of records.
Photo by Katerina Oosterwijk

Love songs don’t need a special time of year to be listened to, but as Valentine’s day rapidly approaches, some classics deserve extra recognition. Many heart-fluttering love songs have been released over the years, but nothing compares to the ballads from the mid to late 1900s. These five romantic melodies will make you want to sing, dance and love with your partner, friends, or all on your own.  

  1. At Last – Etta James (1960) 

This is an all-time classic and the perfect wedding love song, which is still frequently played. Etta James sings this song with so much heart and soul that you can feel the love in the air. Her song starts with the lyrics “At last, my love has come along, my lonely days are over and life is like a song”, describing the euphoria of finally meeting your soulmate. Though no one can sing this song quite like Etta, “At Last” is so famously romantic that Beyonce sang a cover of it during Michelle and Barack Obama’s first dance at the 2009 inauguration ball.  

  1. Can’t Help Falling in Love -Elvis Presley (1961) 

Elvis is known as the King of Rock for a reason, and his ability to write love songs did not disappoint. Can’t Help Falling in Love is one of Elvis’ most beloved and well-known songs. This track hit #1 on the US charts and stayed at the top for 20 consecutive weeks. With lyrics like “some things are meant to be” and “Take my hand, take my whole life, too for I can’t help falling in love with you”, Elvis articulates the feeling of a love you just can’t shake.  

  1. Endless Love – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross (1981) 

This song is one of the most popular love songs of the 80s and the perfect romantic ballad. It describes the unconditional love between partners and the lengths they will go for each other. Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, both spectacular artists on their own, came together to create this top charts song which stayed at #1 for nine weeks. This song set the bar high not only for love songs but for duets of all kinds. This would be a fantastic musical addition to a romantic valentines karaoke session with your loved one.  

  1. My Girl – The Temptations (1965) 

If you haven’t put this song on yourself, chances are you’ve heard it playing on the radio or in movies. Released in the mid-60s, this classic is an upbeat, romantic song that will make you want to grab your partner by the hand and spin them around. “My Girl” was The Temptations’ first top chart and will remain a great song to sing to your girl. Lyrics like “What can make me feel this way My girl, my girl, my girl Talkin’ ’bout my girl,” this song is the perfect way to express to your love. If you feel like you’re on cloud 9, and that she’s the only one for you, then My Girl is for you  

  1. Hello – Lionel Richie (1984) 

Ending this list off is another classic by Lionel Richie. This song has made its way onto every radio station since its release and has been featured in several movie and TV show soundtracks. The most memorable lyric from this song is “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” which is a very revealing line. Lionel Richie expressed being very shy when he was younger; those lyrics were the exact words he would think to himself when walking by women. Whether you’re shy or outspoken, this song is made for all and deserves to be added to your romantic playlist.   

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