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Laurier professor investigates the true influences of political campaigns

  Jason Roy, an associate professor in the department of political science at Wilfrid Laurier University, has been conducting research on how individuals are influenced by different events or aspects of a political campaign. Roy’s research looks at how individuals change the information they seek when they’re exposed to pre-election polls and whether or not this ultimately influences their vote. […]

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Grand River Hospital refrains from applying for a safe access zone

  Grand River Hospital (GRH) has decided to refrain from applying for a safe access zone for its Freeport Campus facility despite regular anti-abortion protests which take place in the location’s vicinity. Earlier last week, The Safe Access to Abortion Services Act was officially enforced in Ontario. The bill ultimately establishes a ban on protesting within 50-metres of an abortion […]

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Students’ Union Chair steps down and talks surrounding reproductive rights

  The Students’ Union Board of Directors meeting held on Feb. 2, the day after the Students’ Union election results were announced, was particularly eventful. Starting off the meeting was a presentation on reproductive rights lead by Alicia Hall, along with other members of the group “Laurier Students for Pro-Choice.” The presentation addressed the issue of abortion generally, and then […]

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Turret renovations set to commence this May

  The Students’ Union has announced the next phase of their Turret renovations, with a $2.2 million construction project beginning this May. The Turret, a multi-purpose event space located above the 24-Hour Lounge, has been the subject of renovations talk for a number of years now. “The Turret project started a few years ago when our former executive director Roly […]

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Tarique Plummer wins president by majority vote

Tarique Plummer has been elected as Wilfrid Laurier University’s Students’ Union president for the 2018-19 term. Plummer was officially announced as president on Feb. 1 at the #LaurierVotes Results Night at Wilf’s. Plummer claimed the position over Ali Saghari, Ryley Fletcher and Idris Omar Hassan with 52.35 per cent of the votes. Despite four candidates in the running for president, […]

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SHORE informs students on issues surrounding reproductive health

On Jan. 23 in the Bricker Academic Building, the Centre for Women and Trans People hosted an event in collaboration with Sexual Health Options Resources & Education Centre called Abortion Facts with SHORE. The aim of the event was to debunk many of the myths, misconceptions and misinformation students may have been receiving about abortion. This event used inclusive language […]

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Laurier remains number one choice for incoming post-secondary students

Laurier remains a top choice for prospective students, with a 3.8 per cent increase in applications since 2017. 2018 saw a total of 25,477 students applying before the Jan. 17 deadline, although Laurier will still be accepting applications until May 1. Offers of acceptance have begun with more to follow, and students are expected to confirm their admission after June […]

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Students’ Union holds open forum and debate for election season

The four candidates campaigning for the position of president and CEO of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Students’ Union have been busy running their campaign and attending events throughout the past week. Candidates running for the role are Ali Saghari, Tarique Plummer, Idris Omar Hassan and Ryley Fletcher. On Wednesday Jan. 24, all candidates were present at the Waterloo Open Forum. The […]

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