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Bond’s latest installment fails to meet high expectations

Bond’s latest installment fails to meet high expectations

Bond’s latest installment fails to meet high expectations | Contributed

The James Bond series began in 1962 and 53 years later we have 24 films and more than half of them have their own unique scenes, characters and at least something to be spoofed.

Following 2012’s Skyfall, the bar was set pretty high for James Bond in many ways. Along with Adele’s feature song, the film offered so many new elements to the story and really changed the series presented with gorgeous cinematography.

Spectre on the other hand feels like it is stuck in the same formula as Skyfall and fails to portray anything new or fantastic in the ongoing series. Following the events of the prior film, Bond sets out on a mission to uncover a secret organization bent on destroying him and the double-O project.

One of the amazing things about the latest film is that it uses the beautiful locations to the best of its ability. The opening scene in Mexico City set during a Day of the Dead celebration was fantastic, while scenes in Rome and Austria really made the viewer want to visit those places.

The biggest problem with the film was how slow it got in the middle. With a running time of two hours and 28 minutes, it is the longest Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. No other Bond film has ever made losing interest or falling asleep half way through so easy. A change of pace was anticipated, but sadly, it never came. 

That being said, Spectre did offer some good elements to the series. One in particular was Christoph Waltz as the new villain. Since Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz has become one of the most iconic actors of recent films.

The film’s creators strategically placed him in the shadows of a room, complementing Waltz’s haunting and tormenting demeanor. With a skilled actor like Waltz, you would assume that the director would use him in as many scenes as possible, but unfortunately he appeared only sparingly.

While 2012’s Skyfall left a lasting impression, Spectre failed to meet expectations to create a memorable or strong sequel in the franchise. The gorgeous landscapes and brilliant actors could not save the film from its dull story and lethargic pacing.

Spectre is far from a terrible film, but it is far from being a staple in the James Bond 007 series that so many people have come to love.

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