Madeline McInnis

Madeline McInnis

Madeline is a third year film studies and history major and the creative director at The Cord. Madeline was previously the editor of the opinion section and still enjoys writing on top of her design duties. If you wanted to find her on campus, she's the one wearing a history pun, Gryffindor sweater or a Renaissance art print. She also probably forgot about her tea.

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National Novel Writing Month: An exciting challenge for novelists

National Novel Writing Month: An exciting challenge for novelists

November, for most, is simply the month that comes between Halloween and Christmas. It’s Black Friday for the cross-border shoppers and when the crows finally decide to fly away, making mornings a little more quiet. Much less known, however, is that November is National Novel Writing Month — NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is a worldwide not-for-profit that works to provide a platform […]

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The importance of having Zayn Malik, a public figure, speaking up about mental illness

Very recently, Zayn Malik announced that he dealt with an eating disorder during his time with One Direction. This came very shortly after his acknowledgement of his anxiety from consistently being critiqued in the spotlight. I think this is an extremely important representation for our students. Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about eating disorders. When I think of eating […]

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Salt Baby missed the mark

Salt Baby missed the mark

On one of the stops on their nationwide tour, the play Salt Baby made a stop at The Registry Theatre in Kitchener, this past weekend. It follows the journey of an Indigenous woman and her struggle to identify her ethnicity. She debates having her DNA tested, but is afraid of the result. Meanwhile, she experiences the hardships of a fair-skinned […]

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Why I refuse to give blood

While I was home for reading week, I was treated to a news story about my local hospital being the most generous in terms of blood donation. That’s heartwarming. Their slogan is “it’s in you to give,” after all. I’d finish that slogan as “it’s in you to give—as long as you’re not a man who’s had sex with another […]

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When common figures of speech become inappropriate

When common figures of speech become inappropriate

Looking for the right words to express your frustration at your third midterm this week? Stressed about the latest essay proposal and don’t know how to properly complain? We all do it, after all! Remember not to use mental illnesses you don’t have in efforts to explain how you’re feeling. This midterm season, be mindful of your word choices. You […]

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A successful life is defined by the individual

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” This quote from Oscar Wilde and others like it have been plastered on my social media for the past few weeks. I’m a fairly big fan of Wilde, but in the context this quote is being used, the message is that not everyone lives their […]

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Beauty standards are finally changing for the better

The days of extremely thin runway models setting the unattainable female beauty standard are gone. Body types like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are the new unattainable and the new ideal. Big butts, flat tummy, large breasts, popping cheekbones and pouty lips, all while keeping an hourglass shape. You have to be small in the right places and big in […]

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Madeline Mcinnis

Laurier partners with Vancouver film school

For Wilfrid Laurier University’s film students interested in production, a new opportunity started “rolling” on September 22. A partnership with the Vancouver Film School, one of the best production schools in North America, was launched. The new Vancouver Film School pathway is available to Laurier film studies single majors who have completed at least 2.5 credit courses by the end […]

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Canada in a Day’s poor marketing campaign

Filming for Canada in a Day happened September 10 and, although it certainly will be a moving display when completed, it seemed to miss the mark with students. Canada in a Day is a film project by CTV to showcase what citizens love most about Canada by asking them to film their day and submit the clips. It’s based on […]

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Plagiarism outside of academia

Everyone knows that stealing is wrong and we shouldn’t do it. In the same way, you wouldn’t steal someone’s laptop, their less tangible items shouldn’t be stolen either. Taking someone else’s creation, whether an idea, research, written piece or artwork without their consent is stealing. It’s plagiarism and it should be seen equally as wrong as taking someone’s wallet. In a […]

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