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This September, getting involved at the athletic complex has never been easier.

“Our Group-X classes, intramurals, dance classes and rock wall are all paid for separately from the membership, but then everyone is free to come and use the gym with their OneCard,” Stef Kubacki, recreation assistant explained.

However, for the week starting Sept. 11, these activities have no charge for all students to try.

“Try anything you want. You don’t know if you like it until you try it,” Jennifer O’Neill, manager of recreation and facilities, encouraged.

Some activities, like Positive Pulse on Sept. 5, are only available to those with an O-Week ticket.

These activities, aimed at first years, should be an excellent opportunity to see what the Athletic Complex has to offer in terms of activities and opportunities.

For first years, Monday and Wednesday evenings will also be orientations to the athletic complex.

But free activities like classes and the rock wall are free for all students to try before being able to pay an early-bird rate for their passes, regardless of their academic year.

The Athletic Complex is committed to being as welcoming to all students as possible and the staff stress the benefits of staying active along with your academic life.

Kubacki even claims that getting involved and staying active can improve academic performance.

“Working out doesn’t have to be a compromise between choosing to work out or choosing to study,” she explained. “It’s a beneficial part of helping you focus, get some relaxation and relieving stress.”

If dance classes, Group-X and the rock wall don’t seem as interesting to you, maybe picking up a sport might be.

During the same week as the free activities, on Sept. 12 at 8:00 p.m., there will also be an intramural open house and hiring fair for the referees and other staff for the intramural season.

“It’s a tight turnaround, so come join us,” O’Neill stated.

Fall sports include softball, inner tube water polo, European handball, dodgeball, volleyball, ball hockey, ice hockey, soccer, bouldering, squash, badminton, cricket, table tennis, basketball, and wallyball.

“Wallyball is kind of like a volleyball game, but it’s played in the squash courts. It’s three on three and [the players] can use the walls to bounce,” Kubacki explained.

Though volleyball still seems to remain the most popular intramural sport, according to O’Neill, badminton also saw a rise last year, especially in female students.

For almost all leagues of intramural sports, you don’t need a group to play. “Free agents” are either placed on pre-existing teams or grouped together to form their own team.

“One of my happiest moments is when that free-agent team stays together for multiple leagues,” O’Neill stated.

This, of course, suggests that these sports aren’t just for staying fit, but they can also create lasting friendships and countless memories.

And not all intramural leagues are the same, either. Depending on the sport, there can be several different leagues, ranging from people wanting to pick up a new skill to those who are very experienced and don’t want to lose the skills they gained throughout high school.

“Don’t think of intramurals as the most hardcore-involved sports people ever. Intramurals can be for people who just want to pick up a new sport,” O’Neill explained.

For more information, the athletic complex social media pages will be continually updated with deadlines, promotions and reminders.

“Don’t be hesitant! There is so much to join,” Kubacki encouraged, as well as stressing that there is a fit for everyone at the complex – from competitive dancer to first-time gym patrons.

Along with the free activities, there will also be representatives from the Athletic Complex giving tours.

Whether you’re in fourth year looking for a new hobby or a first year looking to learn about the campus, now is a great time to find out how you can get active.

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