A how-to guide to spice up your boring salads

(Graphic by Jessica Mitra)
(Graphic by Jessica Mitra)

Salads are the easiest and healthiest dishes to make.

Unfortunately, people often neglect making salads as a meal because they do not know any creative ways to prepare their salads. Thankfully, there are many recipes that will help make these salads anything but bland. There are many different varieties of salads, which you can make besides the typical garden or caesar. Toss a new dish that is beyond mediocre.

Salads with Curry
When my mother began to eat more health-consciously, she deducted rice from her traditional meal, which was rice and curry, and replaced it with salad. This salad platter comes with many tasty and healthy benefits.

Curry has many health benefit for the body. The spices help to relieve pain. Curry is also great to eat when you have a cold because it will relieve inflammation. You can make a simple Thai tossed green salad, which includes coriander, a spice that is used to make curry. This salad is proof that a tasty and healthy dinner does not require a lot of work.

Salads without lettuce
Salads don’t always have to be made with lettuce or spinach. You can substitute lettuce with chickpeas, broccoli, or fruits such as apples – basically any type of vegetable or fruit.

A salad has been defined as “a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish or other ingredients.” You can mix just about anything into your salad. These ingredients range  from nuts such as almonds and walnuts to grains such as quinoa.

Napa cabbage is the foundation of  salads without lettuce. Napa cabbage is also known as celery cabbage and contains antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre, and is low in calories.

Napa cabbage can also be used as a wrap, which it is used as in Korean cuisine. Thai Crab and Mango Salad, Thai Tuna Salad and Filipino Cucumber Salad are some Asian-themed dishes that you could try.

If you are making a fruit salad, you can toss the desired fruits of your choice into your salads.The other option is that you can make a salad entirely with fruits and, instead of flavouring it with dressing, you can flavour it with vanilla ice cream or yogurt if you are looking to treat yourself.
Non-traditional Salads
Salads don’t always have to look the same, mixed in a bowl with a component that is the basis of the salad, whether lettuce or chickpeas. There are many creative outlets for this kind of salad.

You could create salads that look like sandwiches instead, such as the tomato salad with mozzarella and avocado. It looks more like a tomato sandwich, in which you slice the ingredients and stack them on top of each other. Turkish bulgur salad is also another non-traditional salad. Bulgur is a type of grain that is popular in Middle Eastern, Indian and Turkish cuisine.

It has a light nutty flavour to it, and the bulgur merely has to be soaked in hot water for a couple of minutes and then it is ready to be served. You can mix whatever vegetables into it, such as onions, peppers, parsley or cucumbers. You toss a little of this mixture onto lettuce.

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