Your-gasm: Sex toys for Valentine’s Day

As we all know, the most over the top, love filled, super cheesy day is fast approaching, and for those of you who may not have any ideas yet of what to do or what to get for that special someone we checked out two stores in Waterloo that are guaranteed to have that perfect present to spice things up this holiday.

First was the Stag Shop where we spoke to the manager Rebecca Elliot who had a few ideas of how to spice things up for V-day. One of the most popular items that seam to be flying off the shelves this holiday is the We-Vibe 3. A vibrator with a wireless remote control, the We-Vibe 3 differs from other vibrators because it is supposed to be worn during sex, causing pleasure for both partners according to the Stag Shop’s website. Elliot explained how this is definitely a trend for heterosexual couples right now, but don’t get too excited the price of this amazing gift is $149.99 which likely doesn’t fit into our student budget.

However Elliot provided some great suggestions for a $20 budget. “We have the small bottles of the Jo massage glide for $6.99 that comes in warming and regular.” This massage oil works as a silicone free liquid that provides the perfect amount of moisture without leaving a greasy feeling, and it comes in more than one flavor —lavender, unscented and citrus.

The Stag Shop also has a number of edible sexual enhancement products including chocolate body topping, Nipple Nibbler’s edible creamy balm and a karma sutra “sweetheart box” that includes body soufflé, body paint and honey dust with a feather duster.

The Stag Shop also carries boxed sets of lingerie that range from $24.99 to $34.99.

After the Stag Shop , The Cord visited the Love Shop where we spoke to Love Shop employee Lisa Osborne who believes it’s the little things that make the difference. “Massage oils, candles and board games are very popular around this time, it’s really the little things that get couples going. ” The Love Shop features flavored massage oils and candles that melt into oil as they burn.

Osborne said the most recommend toy for Valentine’s is the pocket rocket. “The pocket rocket has been around for ages, it takes one battery usually a double A and the middle will conduct the vibration. It leads for smooth contact, it’s one of the most popular toys and it’s perfect for a start out toy,” she said.

As for a student on a budget Osborne recommended “flavored oral gels, we have one called Oralicious which comes in small packets, or I would recommend a disposable vibrating ring which is about $9.99. We have little versions of everything that makes it cheaper and students get 20 per cent off if you show your student card.”

As for lingerie the Love Shop has a massive selection to fit all styles and body types, as for the most popular. “Red is definitely the colour, things like lacey underwear are always popular at this time, it ranges from leopard print to leather, fake leather has been standing out a lot as a popular seller,” said Osborne. A lot of these lingerie sets start at $19.99, and with a lot of styles to choose from it’s easy to spice things up this Valentine’s Day without going over board.

If lingerie isn’t your thing both stores have a wide variety of toys and oils for any budget. This year there is no excuse not to try something new with that special someone.

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