You know what yanks my cord…


…People who don’t know how to walk on campus.

I’m serious, it is an infectious problem all over campus and we need to be aware of it. The slow trudging that occurs in the hallways as people walk makes it impossible for students who are keen on getting to class at a decent hour.

The biggest contributor to this terrible walking trend is the consistent need of walkers pressing their noses against their smartphones causing them to be unaware of any surroundings and walk and a moderately slower pace, occasionally being stunned and shocked when bumping into people.

Hallway traffic jams can also be created by two people taking up space in the hallway, making it impossible for people coming from the opposite to walk by, and all of a sudden decide to stop right in the middle of the hall, causing others to either awkwardly bump into them or squeeze through another path of bodies.

Don’t bother trying to say “excuse me” or manoeuvre your way through the crowd, it’s a lost cause with the growing rate of inconsistent walkers.  If I have ever been motivated to break the rules of school spirit to walk on the hawk, it’s because of this. Maybe this is a good time to invest in a shield and plow my way through to make sure I get to class on time.

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