Bars vs. clubs


Put down your textbook and start focusing on the question that is really going through your head: “When is the next time I get to party?”

The good news is that you’re an adult; if you want to party every night, you can. The bad news is that you’re an adult, which also means you should probably stay inside, read a book and watch your cholesterol levels.

So maybe you’re the type to go out once a month, or maybe you’re the type that is out right now reading this while you dance; regardless, deciding where to go is always going to be an issue. There are only two types of people in the world: people who prefer bars and people who prefer clubs. If you’re not sure which category you fall under – don’t panic – we’ll figure it out.

The club scene is a much more fast-paced environment, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and cologne. You can tell which venues are clubs based solely on their name – this is because the name of a club usually sounds like something Kanye West would name his child (“Beta”, “Starlight”, “Firehall”).

For girls, a club is a great place to dance all their troubles away. For guys, a club is a great place to dance with girls and bring all their troubles right back. The club scene is a jackpot for men who don’t know how to speak to women. Smooth lines and witty retorts are not a factor in a club because no one can hear you. Your only option is to smile and dance. She will feel your presence, turn around, then either walk away or continue dancing. Important note: If a girl grabs her friend, she wants to be saved from you. Walk away.

The bar scene has a much different approach. Right away you will notice there is a more relaxed atmosphere and a lot less dancing. Every bar is different, therefore it takes some experimenting to find what is right for you. Pool, karaoke and darts are just some of the activities offered in a bar. They are not typically known for being loud; however, some bars do feature live bands performing. If you are a conversationalist, consider yourself pro-bar. If you tend to stick to one solid group of friends, a bar is the way to go. Grab a pitcher of beer and make yourself at home.

A common problem for both bars and clubs is waiting in line to get inside. One advantage bars have over clubs is the ability to go early, grab a something to eat and beat the line. On the down side, most bars do not contain any substantial dance floor. If you were looking to release some energy through dance, you might just have to sign up for karaoke and belt a Maroon 5 song.

Keep in mind you do not have to choose between the bar life and the club life. Some people keep a healthy balance between both. You may enjoy both bars and clubs, but when it comes down to it, you were born with only one true party persona.

Okay, you’re good to pick up your textbook again. What’s that? You want to keep procrastinating? Okay fine, you can sing one Maroon 5 song, but then straight back to studying!

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