Winter blues and the Wellness Centre


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This winter season, programs and services provided by the Laurier Wellness Centre can help students combat the winter blues.  

The winter blues, also known as seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression, affects around 15 per cent of Canadians.  

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, “The winter blues are a wave of low emotions that come with these cold, dark days.”  

Common symptoms of the winter blues can include low energy, difficulty concentrating, oversleeping and changes in appetite.  

During the winter semester, many students experience some form of the winter blues. This can lead to a lack of motivation surrounding course work.  

Acknowledging and understanding the winter blues is important for students in order to maintain mental and physical health.  

“The top resource I’d love to showcase to students struggling with winter blues is to use counselling services from the Student Wellness Centre. It’s free for all Laurier students,” Sarina Wheeler, manager of Wellness Education, said in an email sent to The Cord.  

Students can access counselling services from the Wellness Centre online through the university’s website.  

Along with counselling services, the Wellness Centre is also providing programs throughout the month of February that can assist students in combating the winter blues.  

Fresh Fruit Fridays, from 10 a.m. to noon in room P111 of the Peter’s building, is an initiative put on by the Wellness Centre where students can easily implement fresh fruits into their diets.  

Students can also combat negative effects of the winter blues on their own through various measures – like visiting the athletic complex, joining a club or getting involved in the community. 

“There are other great strategies that students can use to stay well this winter: staying physically active is great for our mental health not just our physical health, vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for our mental health and we don’t get much D from sunshine during the winter so supplementing is a good idea, eating well so you stay fueled and nourished, getting enough sleep every night, and staying connected with family and friends for social support,” said Wheeler.

For a full list of programs provided by the Wellness Centre this February, visit the university’s website.  

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