Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications President and Publisher platforms

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Aaron Hagey

  In the short time that I’ve been involved with WLUSP, I’ve demonstrated a passionate and powerful commitment to this organization. In less than a year, I became a News Editor for The Cord, News Director for Radio Laurier, a director of WLUSP’s board and I’ve contributed content for Blueprint, The Sputnik and The Community Edition. During my time in these positions, I’ve had the privilege of learning valuable skills from countless staff members and volunteers.

     I consider WLUSP to be the highlight of my university experience and I hope to continue expanding the potential that this impressive publication body has to offer.

     Moving forward, I would endeavour to work with the resources available in order to improve each publication’s presence on campus while encouraging more effective strategies for volunteer management and recruitment.

As well, I would work to establish an improved structure of communication between all staff and volunteers. Building a stronger community bond between the smaller publications and delegating the appropriate time and space to have everyone’s voices heard and respected equally, is something that I believe is vitally important.

     Above all else, I want to continue to foster the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that encouraged me to sign my first volunteer contract and expand on the successes of the current President & Publisher.

     I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to prove that I am capable of being the next President & Publisher of Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications.

Garrison Oosterhof

Dear Laurier students and WLUSP members,

I’m very glad for the opportunity to run for President of WLUSP. I’ve spent more than a year preparing for this position and I’m excited to show you why I know I’m the best candidate. I’ve been a member of WLUSP for over three years and a manager at The Cord for two of those years. I’m confident that my knowledge of print, graphics, photography and website management will enable me to lead this organization and be a supportive resource for each department.

I’m very proud of the teams I’ve been apart of and the professional relationship that have developed. As President, I will continue to be focused on building strong relationships that will be a bridge across any barriers in our organization; whether they be the distance between Waterloo and Brantford or between print and radio. I will lead by example using teamwork, honest communication and persistent organization to bring us together and showcase our integrity and talent.

I encourage everyone to attend your nearest Open Forum to hear more of my specific and practical goals for WLUSP this year. I’m eager for the chance to show you that I have a firm grasp on the responsibilities of this position and that I am determined to bring about a positive culture of respect and common vision.

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