Whitby band leave mark on Waterloo

Waterloo came alive with sound this past Wednesday, as gritty garage rock band The Mark Inside performed at Maxwell’s Music House.

The band made their way here to kick off the first part of their tour in support of their latest EP False Flag.

The Mark Inside is an independent band from Whitby, demonstrating heavy influences from classic and punk rock. The end product is a fast-paced, ballsy and aggressive sound that is undeniably catchy and fun to listen to live.
The set of simple but catchy songs hit the Maxwell crowd with authority and captured everyone’s interest.

From the moment they got on stage the guys entertained with their loud musical efforts and amusing stage antics.

The Cord caught up with lead singer Chris Levoir before the show to discuss False Flag and the recording process. Speaking about the latest release, Levoir said, “We are very proud of it, all the reviews have been positive and I think the way the songs have been composed made people talk about the album.”

Addressing the group’s evolution as a band, he said, “Our first record was in 2005 and it has been a huge gap of time since then. We have been through so much shit with labels and growing up,” which has contributed to what they make music about.

Producer Jim Abbiss, who has worked with acts like the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, helped craft the False Flag EP with the Canadian indie rockers. Levoir explained that working with the renowned producer “was like no other kind of experience,” acknowledging that his musical prowess and knowledge of the equipment really contributed to the sound achieved on False Flag.

The Mark Inside’s full-length record will be coming up in spring and the band hopes to tour for the remainder of the year.