While you were out…

Public Square controversies

Opening on May 31, the public square has received a great deal of criticism, from its design to the activities it has hosted.

At July’s city council meeting, a motion was passed banning skateboarders from the public square with the exception of 10 hours dispersed throughout the week. The decision was made in response to complaints regarding the disruption and possible dangers the skateboarders posed.

The Bell for Kepler, installed in the square, was vandalized with chalk during the night on Aug. 15.

The Bell was cleaned off by city staff and didn’t have any further damage.

New school in uptown

On May 25, the provincial and federal governments both announced they would invest $25 million to fund the Balsillie Centre of Excellence, matching Jim Balsillie’s contribution.

The centre, to be completed by June 2011, will collaborate with Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, as well as national and international universities to run its graduate programs.

Although construction was planned to begin in June, it has been delayed due to complications in drawing up contracts for the granted government funding. Progress has been made and the groundbreaking is expected to occur within the next two weeks.

The Silver Spur sold to developer

The Silver Spur, a favourite nighttime destination among university students, closed on May 4 and was sold to developer Jeff Zavitz.

Plans for replacement buildings have not yet started and a new bar called Chainsaw has opened.