KW in Brief: Sept. 7, 2009

Brick sues founder

On June 2, 2009, Brick Brewing Co. launched a million-dollar lawsuit against its former owner Jim Brickman. The founder and former chairman has been accused of exploiting the company on several fronts including leaking confidential company information and wrongfully adding his wife to the company’s payroll.

Trademark dispute

Anheuser-Busch and its Canadian division Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd. have filed a lawsuit against the Brick Brewing Co. alleging that its new Red Baron Lime infringes the trademarks of Bud Light Lime. Labatt is demanding that Brick pay for damages and discontinue selling their lime beer.

Waterloo UAE opens

The University of Waterloo has officially opened an international campus in Dubai, after having worked with the United Arab Emirates’ Higher Colleges of Technology and Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training. Classes for the campus’ total of 22 engineering students began on Sept. 1.

Increased by-law

The by-law enforcement division in Waterloo has increased enforcement efforts in anticipation of the returning students. These efforts are almost simultaneous with the upcoming launch of the city’s “It’s your Waterloo” campaign, which is aimed at promoting by-law awareness among students in the community.

Funding St. Jacobs

The federal government announced on Sept. 1 that it would invest $483, 390 towards St. Jacobs under the Community Adjustment Fund. The funds will be used to restore and upgrade Waterloo Central Railway’s shop facilities.

Conestoga College stimulus announced

On Aug. 27, the federal government announced, along with its new Community Adjustment Fund of $102 million, that $3.3 million would be allocated to Conestoga College to construct a skilled trades training centre in Ingersoll.

Chalk artist who defaced the Bell for Kepler revealed

Marcus Green, Wilfrid Laurier University alumnus and local poet, came forward as the artitst who defaced the Bell for Kepler in the public square. The Bell was discovered to be covered in chalk drawings with inspiring statements such as “Fire of Imagination.” The Bell was not permanently damaged by the incident. Green stated that he had drawn on the Bell to bring colour to the new public square and show off its potential.