Welcome to WLU Frosh: Meet the System

If you are ambitious, intelligent, mature,
resourceful and looking for a
good education, you have come to the
wrong place. University is not for you.

The experience of being broken will
be priceless; unfortunately, you pay
for this pricelessness. You pay because
your utopian ideals of enhancing your
already impoverished mind vanish almost
before your eyes.

The cool way the public system
takes away your identity and makes
you a sausage like everyone else is fully
realized when you see the system in
action. You never leave the system.

You have come to a place where
freedom abounds, minds have intercourse
to create bouncing new ideas
to be recognized, and you are accepted
for yourself as an individual, capable
of thinking and feeling. Nonsense!

No mind is free after kindergarten.
All minds are warped by university.

You will struggle to get your head
out of the feces, but higher education
will manage to pull you down again
with the rest of the sausages. When
you see the system at work, then you
will think of protest.

When your ideas have been rejected,
you will feel the doom of freedom.

Learn how to vomit. Learn how to
bring up everything you will be required
to read and listen to, no matter
how wrong, or how inexplicable it
may seem at the time. You will get a
piece of paper to put by the toilet for
your memory.

Some students will try to rectify the
chaos. Scraps will be thrown to them
and they will puff out their chest and
say, “I have changed things.” But have
they really?

The majority of decisions will still
be made by the system and its operators.
Only in the few unanimous votes
will they count.

Yes, there is preparation at university.
The preparation will give you a 9
to 5 job behind a lifeless desk in some
lifeless office. Here you will get used
to the stench of stagnant things.

The musty old minds that waddle
down the hall smoking musty pipes
saying the same words they have been
saying for 15 years may bother you
at first. Unless there is a change, put
yourself in those shoes.

Learning how to achieve a freedom
which you have never experienced is
like learning how to walk again. You
must abide by the rules. Learn what
you are told. Say what you are told.

Imperialism is not a word used only
to describe the U.S.S.R. in Czechoslovakia,
or the U.S. in Vietnam. It would
also describe the effect the administration
has over the courses and the
students. The system resided in this
form as it does in other forms. Freedom
can’t even be properly defined.

1968 fun facts


U.S. President: Lyndon B. Johnson
Canadian Prime Minister: Lester B.
Pearson, Pierre Elliott Trudeau (elected
Apr. 20)


Student protests
Cold War
Proxy War in Vietnam
American Civil Rights movement
Apollo program

Notable Deaths:

Mar. 27: Yuri Gagarin
Apr. 4: Martin Luther King, Jr.
June 1: Hellen Keller
June 5: Robert F. Kennedy


60 minutes debuts on CBS
Beatles release White Album
2001: A Space Odyssey premiers
Oliver! (Dir. Sir Carol Reed) wins Best