Where to find the ‘essentials’

Where to study/do your readings off campus: Coffee Culture (31 King Street North). The background noise isn’t too loud and the chairs are super comfy. Not that far away from campus, if Coffee Culture’s specialized lattes and desserts aren’t enough to reel you in, I don’t know what is!

Most versatile venue: The Huether Hotel (59 King Street North). In the mood for a coffee? A beer? Feel like listening to some jazz music or playing pool? The Huether Hotel has four different venues under one roof! Whether it’s grabbing a quiet brunch in Cafe 1842, listening to some live jazz in The Jazz Room or grabbing a pint at Barley Works. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood to do, the Huether Hotel can help settle that.

Where to visit if you’re into music: Orange Monkey Music (5 Princess W, Waterloo). iTunes and illegal downloading have become our main resources, but for those who are still into collecting CDs and starting up your unique Vinyl Collection — old and new artists in all genres!

Where to buy groceries: Valu-Mart (Waterloo Square, 75 King St. South). Just a ten minute walk (or three-minute bus ride) from campus, this is the best place to grab groceries. The selection is fresh and there are always special sales and discounts happening at the store. Also, Monday nights offer a special 10 per cent discount for students.

Where to go on a date: Princess Cafe and Twin Theater (46 King Street North). For film nerds and those wanting to see movies that have limited release, this is the perfect place to have a dinner a movie date night. Break the ice with some coffee and a warm panini and then head into the theater and enjoy the film. Note: cash is the only method of payment when purchasing tickets.

Where to get a haircut: Capri Hair Salon (52 King St. North). We all have our hair salons that we’re loyal to back home, but in case of an “emergency”— like those split ends that are driving you nuts or your roots getting too noticeable. This salon offers any type of hair treatment. Cut, extensions or colour – at a reasonable price (starting at $26).

Where to get books at a good price: Old Goat Books (99 King St North). Wanting to save some money on books? English majors — this is your calling. If the Bookstore is out of stock or your courses are making you buy a ton of novels (which you may not read), Old Goat has a huge variety of books in different genres for really good prices. Where do you think I get all my $4 Jane Austen novels?

Where to go in case of an emergency: Weber Street Medical Centre Walk In Clinic (5A-1400 Weber Street East). Laurier Health Services is the most convenient and offers all the resources you need. But depending on the volume of sick students, you should always have a back up place in case you are in need of immediate care. Make sure you bring a health card and find out what hours they’re open until.

Our picks: The Cord staff’s favourite night spots in K-W

Justin Smirlies, News Director
“Phil’s. Come on, we’re students. Act your age, be cheap and have fun.”

Justin Fauteux, Editor in Chief
“I’m gonna go with Chainsaw. You just can’t help but have a good time at Chainsaw. It’s got a great mix of cheap beer, karaoke and good setup, there’s something for just about everyone. Thursday is usually the best night, but be careful it can get really packed really early.”

Alanna Fairey, Lead Reporter
“I love going to Phil’s and Chainsaw because they are the typical university hangouts but like every girl, I like to let my hair loose and dance. And when I need to go out and dance, I prefer Beta! The music is sometimes a hit and miss, but you don’t tend to think about that when you’re drinking incessantly and dancing with your friends. Plus, Friday is the best night to go because ladies don’t have to pay!”

Shaun Fitl, Web Editor
“Chainsaw because it was always the go to place when all the other bars around it had long lines”

Shelby Blackley, Sports Editor
“Being the country girl I am, it is worth the trek to take the bus to Dallas in Kitchener. The atmosphere is incredible, you’re surrounded by alcohol, and it’s all country music. The only downer is that it’s so far —but guarantees a fun country night.”

Carly Basch, Life Editor
“Am I the only one who loves the special disco nights at Starlight? With the foreign films playing in the background? And DJs with funny beards and tattoos are bouncing around, bobbing their heads to Stevie Wonder?”

Elizabeth DiCesare, Campus News Editor
“Phil’s, because I’m cheap like that (har har). But seriously, where else can you go and physically feel your shoes sticking to the floor because it’s covered in God knows what? Everyone needs to experience that at least once.”

Stephanie Truong, Graphics Editor
“I love Phil’s and Starlight. Phil’s because you can have a fantastic time with only $20. It’s definitely within the student budget. I also enjoy Starlight because I am a fan of getting groovy to funky music and the interior is, like my dance moves, very groovy. It’s also a sweet spot for shows, when they have the tea lights set up on the little tables? Charming.”

Christina Rucchetta, Lead Photographer
“Chainsaw and Phil’s. I can never turn down karaoke or cheap drinks…especially on Wayback Sundays!”

Katelyn Callum, Lead Reporter
“Dallas. It’s not even a long bus ride and you’re drunk already, so it’s no big deal. And there’s a bull!”

Colleen Connolly, Features Editor
“I’ve never been to Jane Bond, I’ll have to do that this sometime this year! And I’d have to say Chainsaw, mainly due to the karaoke. And you never forget your first bar.”

Jeremy Enns, Lead Videographer
“My favourite night venue is my cozy bed. After all, my mom has always said, ‘Nothing good happens after midnight!’ Ahh the joy of beauty sleep!”

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