What men really think about lingerie

(Photo by Jessica Dik)
(Photo by Jessica Dik)

Ever wonder if your boyfriend notices your carefully put together matching bra and panties combo? Or how about that $89 baby doll or corset combo you picked up from Victoria’s Secret to wow your man, think he notices or even cares? Then look no further because this quick read will answer all your questions about the stigma that is: Lingerie.

According to every romantic comedy you’ve ever watched and tween book you’ve read, you’ve got to pull out the big stops for Valentine’s Day. So you’re at Victoria’s Secret staring up at the likes of Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr and you’re thinking to yourself: “How can I look like that?”

According to Guelph University student Ben Hasko, “Depending on the girl, black or red is always a safe bet where lingerie is concerned.” With that being said ladies, only go for a colour that you know makes you feel confident. There’s no way to feel sexy when you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.

Now while us girls tend to think the gift of lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving,  it was discovered that this was not the case. Turns out, the men are hoping for an actual gift on Valentine’s Day.

“Lingerie is not a gift, it’s a cop out. That’s a gift that’s mainly for the girl. But if its in combination with other gifts than that’s acceptable,” Remy Martin, another student and friend, argued. “Buying lingerie for your boyfriend is like your boyfriend buying a TV for his place and saying ‘You can use this sometimes, when you come over’ it doesn’t really work.”

If you’re stuck on a good gift to buy because this revelation just put a damper on your lingerie gift plans, sports or concert tickets are always a fun gift that the two of you will both be able to enjoy.

Now with all this being said, lingerie is nearly inevitable on Valentines—but is it all worth it? According to Martin, lingerie is always worth the purchase, if it will help to make things interesting in the bedroom.

“I think it’s worth it, and it’s appreciated because it makes the girl feel sexy and confident which is good to spice things up,” Martin said.

So if you’ve been struggling with whether or not to make the trip to Victoria’s Secret or place your overly priced order on Agent Provocateur, do so. Your man will surely appreciate it.

Last but not least, make sure to be yourself on Valentines, try not to whip out anything dominatrix and too aggressive — unless that’s your usual style. If lingerie isn’t your style, don’t worry about it. Whoever you spend your special day with will enjoy you the way you are. Have fun and keep it sexy!

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