Top 7 Halloween movies

(Graphic by Mitchell Cheeseman)

For some people, the best part of Halloween is grabbing that plastic bowl of miniature candy, curling up on your couch and preparing to scream. There’s nothing more exciting than sticking to the theme of spirits, ghouls and terror and watching it come alive with horror — a genre that I tend to avoid unless it’s of course, Halloween. If you plan on going out on Halloween, make sure you end the night on the couch watching these films:

7. Saw

No one can ever look at a puppet riding a bicycle the same way after watching this film. A sick, twisted game, that two trapped men must figure out before the time runs out. This film leaves no mercy for anyone watching, as victims are forced to mutilate, betray and constantly solve puzzles.

6. Blair Witch Project

Three student filmmakers get lost in the Black Hills after trying to unfold the mystery of the Blair Witch in Burkittsville, Maryland. Using the digi-style format, when this film was first released, it had audience members believing that what they saw was real. Although it is now a fun urban myth — and the actors are alive and well — the filming technique is terrifying and plays terrible mind tricks on us all.

5. Hocus Pocus

While this may not be terrifying, it is a favourite among many of us, who have the nostalgia of growing up with this film. Taking place in Salem, a boy, his sister and his high school crush set out to stop the three witches from taking the lives of little children. Along the way, they meet a talking cat and a hilarious, lovable zombie, making this one of the most feel good movies of the entire Halloween season.

4. Beetlejuice

A bio-exorcist is hired by two ghosts to terminate the family living in their house. This film features the best dark gothic Tim Burton style features that make him great. The creepy settings, the makeup and use of numerous costumes have been a personal favourite and a classic to watch every single Halloween eve.

3. Scream

A cat and mouse-styled film, Scream is the perfect slasher flick. This has audiences in fear of the infamous mask as the killer makes prank calls to lure and scare his victims. Nothing says Halloween movie like a good scream before watching the film’s main characters run to safety, or get stabbed to death.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Another Burton film makes the list. A lovable nostalgic animated film that makes even gruesome skeletons warm our hearts and it embodies the true spirit of Halloween. This stop-motion film is not shy to highlight all dark and spooky things that come from Halloween, making us believe that Halloween is truly the best holiday of all.

1. Halloween

Did you think I was going to choose something else? Our tolerance for horror may have gone up a few notches, but the classic slasher-style film can create just enough suspense to keep us on edge as we watch Michael Myers chase hopeless victims.

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