This is The Cord


This edition of The Cord marks an important moment in the rich history of our 84-year-old publication.

At 44 pages, not only is it the largest issue we’ve ever printed, but it also marks the launch of an important change in the design and content of the publication.

After introducing new sections of the paper in May – In Depth, Local and National – and significantly overhauling others – Life and Arts – the final version of our printed product is now complete.

Most significantly, you’ll note an important difference in the flag of our paper; we are now simply The Cord, and no longer The Cord Weekly. We have published as The Cord Weekly since 1958, following the merge of two campus papers (the College Cord and Newsweekly).

The newspaper industry is vastly different today than it was 50 years ago and the “weekly” no longer seems representative of what it is we do.

We exist to report on what is important to the Laurier community and offer a platform for dialogue about issues currently effecting students.

With the increasing immediacy of news, if we solely provided a weekly digest of campus events we would not be fulfilling our role.

We aim to be the campus’ constant source of information.

As online news readership increases, we hope that you’ll visit our new website,, frequently, as well as engage with us through various new media platforms.

We recognize that we need to continuously adapt to serve our readers, and though the medium we exist in may continue shifting, The Cord’s mandate of serving our readers in the Laurier community will never falter.

Please provide any feedback on these changes to

Serving the Waterloo campus, The Cord seeks to provide students with relevant, up to date stories. We’re always interested in having more volunteer writers, photographers and graphic designers.