The ultimate pet showdown: Dogs vs Cats


Dogs – Loyalty

There is a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend,” that reason being the innate loyalty of domesticated dogs. Dogs have been known to save babies from burning buildings, as well as achieving heroic feats such as starving after their owners pass on, rather than eating them like their feline counterparts. In terms of companionship, canines are far more trusting than cats, quickly becoming attached to groups of people, rather than shutting them out in exile, a common trait of new cats.

Dogs – Physical activity

Though some may argue that taking one’s dog out for a walk on a daily basis is a sheer inconvenience, it can do wonders for the physical wellbeing of their lucky owners. Dogs can be taken out for walks, runs, swims, as well as hunting expeditions. The sight of a cat outdoors, however, inspires nothing but fear. Dogs are truly the most physically rewarding traditional household pet, outperforming the lazy cat who which would do nothing but shirk away from any form of activity, as well as occasionally throw shreds of questionable affection in order to secure treats.

Dogs – Sheer utility

From dogs employed by the fire department, to police dogs and service dogs, there is a plethora of skills mastered between them. Dogs are often relied upon, not only for their keen sense of smell, but also their adaptiveness to different situations. These furry friends, time and time again, prove their loyalty and do so out of a sense of duty. All things considered, dogs are a far more useful companion to any rational human being.

Compiled by: Omair Ansari


Cats – Funnier & Quick-Witted

Dogs may be more obedient simply because they’re trained, but that’s the beauty of cats, no training is required. When picking a more entertaining pet, it always comes down to our feline friends. From jumping up walls to spending hours chasing the exact same toy mouse, cats are hilarious to watch. They’ll grab at your ankles when you walk away or swat at you during a vicious play fight, but the bottom line is that they love their humans. They’re friendly, but they know how to stand their ground. Have you ever seen a kitten stand up to a dog quadruple its size? The best.

Cats – Less Responsibility

Most people have indoor cats which means that cat owners have it easy when it comes to bathroom duties. They do their business in the litter box and you scoop it out every now and then — easy. You don’t have to take your cat to the groomers because they wash themselves, and you don’t have to take them out for walks since they’re happy running around on their own. You can go out for the day and not have to worry about your cat, as long as you make sure to fill your cat’s food bowl on the way out.

Cats – The Best Snugglers

Both dogs and cats can be cuddly, but dogs won’t last long curled up beside you. If you plan on having a nothing-but-Netflix kind of day, odds are your cat doesn’t have a problem spending the day doing the same. Dogs, however, need to be running and playing whenever they’re not asleep, similar to toddlers. A cat has no problem laying on or beside you. How comfortable is it when your fifty-pound dog lays on your stomach?

Compiled by: Brittany Dtizio

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