The top four: Ways to survive exam season

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1. Buckle down: It sure ain’t any fun, but sometimes you just have to buck up and cram like there’s no tomorrow (even though there is a tomorrow, and it probably entails writing an exam).

2. Sensory deprivation: If you can’t hear, see, smell, taste or touch anything other than books, you won’t get distracted. Lock yourself in your room like a cell and go for the long haul.

3. Binge drink: It might be counter-productive to working, but a good bender can do wonders for your sanity. Besides, everyone should write an exam hungover at least once.

4. Catch “swine flu”: Sure, lying is wrong, but if the system is in place to get “swine flu” with no questions asked, you might as well take up the opportunity before it’s gone.

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