The top four: Drunk food places in Waterloo


1. Pilot Pita: Have you ever had a pita better than the BBQ chicken at this place? Add in an appetite, a drunken night and a student’s budget, and you’ve got a formula for deliciousness.

2. King and University street meat: Forget looking at your calendar – you can tell it’s summer when the hot dog cart is out by Starbucks. And after a night at Phil’s, those sausages are just the ticket.

3. Fratello’s Pizza: When you’re sober, this stuff is worse than melting cheese onto cardboard. But when you’re drunk, Fratello’s becomes gourmet cuisine. It’s also near to all the uptown bars.

4. Mel’s Diner: Quite simply, if you haven’t had a $3.99 Mel’s Favourite while drunk at 2 a.m., you haven’t had the Waterloo student experience. This place is an institution.

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