Week one at Laurier: epic fail

Some of the outrageous spending and protocol decisions made at Laurier lately boggle my mind. Laurier’s quad recently underwent a million dollar “face lift” to receive a tiny amphitheatre-like grass/concrete creation, which appears to go unused and to my best judgment will continue to go unused this year (this may be because snow tends to occur frequently throughout the duration of any given school year). Meanwhile, classes (which have undergone budget cuts) have resumed indoors.

I was happy to go back to school but less so when I did not receive a hard copy of a course syllabus.

I seem to recall being told in a first year dean of arts’ speech that a syllabus was the professor’s contract with his/her students.

I shouldn’t complain though: these are modern times, and much like the Jenny Craig program, this contract can now be found online.

I’m writing this letter after the second day of classes, and so far we’re 0 for 2 with WebCT working, but maybe I’m just cynical and should head outside to roll on our new lawn.